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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
Циндао площадь 5 - 4 Площадь морской пейзаж (Grand Madison Qingdao Harbour-view Central), около 5 минут ходьбы можно добраться до 4 - й площади, олимпийский парусный центр, яхты клуб, Ваньфан - чэн, цзюлюйфу, городской администрации, гостей, площадь хайсинь, вокзал Сида, Северный вокзал северной части поезда, по дороге через парк чжуншань, восемь гуань, площадь гуйчжоу и другие.земля.квартира

в 2014 году была удостоена 'сады рекомендуют остановиться в отеле'.в ресторане есть просторный, уютный и комфортабельный номер, в комнате с настенными жидкими кристаллами ТВ, кухня дизайн, высокий Европейский общий кухонный шкаф, оснащенный, в том числе, электропечь, дымогар, сушилка посуды, холодильник ит.д.Кроме того, в квартире есть все удобства для жизни, стиральная машина, стиральная машина для очистки воды, барабанная стиральная машина, набор, очистка и сушка, чтобы создать комфортное, удобное расположение, тепло для вашего дома.Кроме того, чистый и уютный номер (на 30 - 38 этажах) бассейн платный (за дополнительную информацию обратитесь к консалтинговой фирме).
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  • Angel does not take a bath
    Good good
  • rianxb
    Very nice hotel, hotel business guests a day, less than a few apartments, holiday family days is very good
  • aimingming
    Bed and breakfast, feel at home, very good, highly recommended!
  • marine_yu
    It's OK
  • piaopiao008
    ~ Staff with good fried chicken ~ washer well. room was large and very clean
  • fcfilm
    Really nice hotel, feeling very good, I hope that everyone can give it a try.
  • manan12
    Good location, price a little expensive, service attitude
  • lu6629
    Service is very good, reception desks and floors are very nice. We booked sea view rooms, great ocean view is to force. from May Fourth field walk 5 minutes to the sea, shopping around, and overall great!
  • e01934516
    Great hotel, highly recommended!
  • elainetst
    Overall, eating, travel facilitation
  • lovebenben
    Which is very nice!
  • star377
    Conveniently located, the room was big
  • e00221118
    Strongly recommend this hotel sea view rooms really nice
  • a119115015
    Convenient to the airport, shopping mall, the hotel is also convenient, the May Fourth square, hotel service is super nice, next time will come again
  • E2345
    Good breakfast, location, new hotel, the next time you must live
  • Bo bo
    Good location convenient great room is the decoration of the room was a bit next time you come to Qingdao will travel
  • simbai
    Hotel very well! enjoys convenient traffic, shopping is very convenient!
  • Jamesyang008
    Very good
  • tannis
    Service needs to be improved, and prices not in proportion, excellent location do not match service, unfortunately!
  • cmiicg
    Very warm and a tourist resort, hotel facilities are in place, particularly with regard to details, which is Taiwan's masterpiece.
  • babyalive
    Very good hotel, apartment-style facilities, suitable for family travelling to live, clean and spacious
  • adora_1213
    Good very good
  • jjbaby-0929
    It's OK
  • July little more
    Stay here in the future, and recommend suitable persons, location good, do things fairly convenient, breakfast was taxis is not convenient, price was good, the recently renovated a bit noisy!
  • lyy_0809
    Good location, convenient. next time you will choose this hotel
  • cxcacxca
    Perfect environment, opposite the May Fourth square, next to the Carrefour, KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks ... ... Easily accessible, the next time you stay here!
  • cs007
    Not know why evaluation will so high. a; room phone signal super poor, often no service. phone 4g network completely No. two; wireless super poor, even Shang fundamental with can't. as a late more than 600 more of hotel, actually even shortcut hotel are than. also than to live Holiday Inn. room except big is, with shortcut Hotel nothing difference. may compared for months rent of guest, wardrobe Super more, also led to room taste is heavy. TV of angle estimated neckWatch crooked. Although warm water of swimming pools, but small, only two side-by-side tour. will not select apartments, or traditional hotel service environment.
  • cy037
    Which is very nice
  • anny2006
    Great apartment, complete living facilities, refrigerators, washing machines and so on to Qingdao for the summer traveler, it can be said it is a standard apartment, sea view room effect is super nice, the only dissatisfaction is the price a little expensive. but the room is huge. An impulse, so to stay, living in a ten-day half a month, put aside all real-life pressures, and enjoy a life of my own, happy family.
  • suijin
    View invincible! very good facilities, shower falls
  • fffppp
    That's good!
  • yuong
    Very good, very convenient
  • eileen0586
    Environment is very good, the room was big, just like at home, the best tableware are provided even better
  • M00206507
    By representatives of hotel, room was large, high floor, view is great! House washing, Elution baking once in place! Not worry about drinking water filter, refrigerator large enough! 10 minutes from Vientiane City and dinner choice! Breakfast is generally, but transforms every day!
  • icecrea
    Recommended, rooms at the laundry
  • baobao20050106
    Good location, just beside the city close to the May Fourth square. room decor is trendy, comfortable, bathroom clean. superior room can see the sea, it was very good. off-season rate is acceptable, is recommended.
  • bearbabycarol
    Around convenient. hotel services is also very good. is the glass really clean seaview. but in the washing machine or give 5 hearts on it-_-
  • cs25820101
    Lots good, opposite is Carrefour, near dinner convenient, Starbucks Pizza Hut KFC taste thousand what are has, room big, facilities complete, price also can. somewhat small views of is, since is Hotel type apartments, microwave refrigerator what are has, but is not provides tableware, to money rent, is those facilities just device? other city this price of hotel type apartments are is full provides of, hope Hotel improved. addition, breakfast of dining environment good, taste also alsoYes, is too little, and can add more choices. but overall was good, next time you will choose to stay.
  • e01968864
    Good location
  • online1985
    Hotel new, location better, distance Beach also not far. room facilities complete, big refrigerator, washing machine and taste, if staying time long, use also is pretty big of. bedding is good, body touch comfortable. wash supplies quality also good. pool is unlikely to, but does not effect child play of interest. breakfast great, varieties not more, but also enough has, on live of long of people effect may compared big. say said insufficient of place, first is bed too small, recommends 2 meters of big bed comparedAppropriate; second is the shower water pressure is too small, head with the shower head, water was slowly out, feel good and finally, shower room inside door handle is too small, and metal edge is sharp, easy to hurt the hand. final conclusions: overall very satisfied.
  • e04459229
    Environmental facilities are good, location or is the smell of the decoration is not melted away. swimming pool nice
  • godricpotter
    Which is very nice
  • PascalSoo
    Hotel facilities very good, location was very good, and is near the Olympic sailing Centre from May Fourth square, walk it over
  • candydog
    don't believe a picture. The pool is super small.
  • littleemma
    Hotel location is excellent, and is located in the city centre, and is near the Olympic sailing Centre from May Fourth square, Carrefour is across the road, surrounded by shopping malls and other convenient meal shopping. Qingdao taxis refusing hire rate is very high, so the portal has convenient public transport very important ... not far from the hotel there are many bus stops. Just stay Executive Suite sea view good location but very partial, led TV and sofas at a 45-degree angle, watch TV only squinting.Reset is also very embarrassing, and no space between the window and crawled out to the other side of the bed, so the room is not matching with Executive Suite price. another weak point is where the toilet is a toilet a slight odor, near may smell. in-room air conditioning and refrigeration was too slow, but free Wi-Fi is to force. Overall hotel is fair value, but many details still needed to be improved.
  • cong13
    Taiwan opened the hotel, overall okay, washing machine or something, but not, Oh, do not bother to ask the waiter.
  • adagio_0
    Apartment-type hotel, well-equipped, Hall staff warm and attentive service, very satisfied with the trip,
  • amyleung2008
    Very good
  • gyfulgreen
    Good Seaview
  • fay0622
    Overall feels good, relative to the Pier near the hotel a lot cleaner, and next time stay