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Qingdao far male yue hotel apartment beyond conventional equipped with star, not only to present a more elaborate its features:
Sitting room configuration 42 "LCD TV, wall-mountable design in each connection cable and domestic foreign satellite channel
Low rooms reserved broadband network interface; File transfer manifest, and all the information.

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  • pangwotou
    Hotel apartments and hotels, looked pretty good, but some capital do not have kitchen facilities, more space, Windows is the Olympic Sailing Center, good night.
  • lemongtree
    Location great where are convenient so close from May Fourth square key is big room
  • e04701158
    Very good live very comfortable especially the room service very good general feel free at the front desk person at the front desk in the chat ... The worst Hotel WiFi can only communicate with other micro-function doesn't work for other Internet. In conclusion is a small flaw or a very good breakfast!
  • annie_gly
    Hotel impress, really easy to sail and the May Fourth square. opposite the Carrefour, went out five minutes to the railway station of the Airport Express line!
  • orangelcat
    Hotel is located in the city center, good location, convenient appearance and overall decoration OK, slightly cheap apartments appliances readily available at the front desk, suitable for a family of three Tourism travel
  • ladder28
    Very good
  • e00250760
    Also has a fully automatic washing machine room is very big and very clean nice!
  • mxmcyb
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  • Estelle520
    Seaview nice. service quality is good, WiFi is too bad.
  • riceflying
    Overlooking May Fourth square, Austrian sails Center, night is Rod! day can lying in bed Shang see sea of ship, let people is time meaning! room area is big, layout and pictures as, Office lying is TV background wall separated, wall can turned direction of. night sea of people see highest most beautiful of building is far male! small shortcomings can pick a pick, curtains area is big so hair fiber, can reminded waiter sucking dust.
  • edw119
    Super clean fully equipped traffic convenience fly in the ointment is that slow wireless
  • agentwu
    Traveling with my family, for the family room, and praise without cease
  • guaibaobao2010
    Very good hotel, regardless of location or service, it is recommended for everyone to stay.
  • ericwr
    All right
  • Casper YIN
    Rooms are large and facilities are new, breakfast was poor, crowded restaurant, the meal is simple, also in the line up at the door, others can also
  • Carolyne
    Hotel Nice bed and breakfast service very good bedside lamp type toilet facilities is very good, but lack of facilities is wood flooring is not a carpet you have a laundry bag
  • betty526
    Very good, more than the five star private
  • e00134340
    Everyone was very friendly, nice, on a tall, simple breakfast, rooms come with free upgrades, very satisfied, thanks?
  • carol1977
    Hotel location is good, near the May Fourth square, and the beach, walking distance to the ... is a hotel-style apartments, hotel services and General, but with washing machine and dryer, go out for a long time or take the children easier. clothing you can wash and dry. service is very good.
  • lywlyw10450
    Every time I'm preferred, feel good
  • gigsammi
    As always, good, amenities and five-star hotels there is no difference!
  • aimyxin
    Very satisfied, more than 400 price, five-star service. Hotel building are very stylish, with lots of foreigners, service is very professional. breakfast sounds good to me ... highly recommended.
  • DN1234
    ? ? ? ?, ? ? ?, ? ? ?. 5.4? ? ?! ? ? ? ?. ? ? ?, ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ?! ? ? ? ? ?, ? ? ? ? ? ? ?!
  • gaoxin234
    NET here is so bad.
  • wyf2003
    Live quite comfortable.
  • déjàvu
    Always comfortable, whole glass sea, Sun. really good
  • caijinwu
    Direct sea view nice clean and tidy
  • flflf
    Room was great, spacious, comfortable! quiet! love
  • davidlau888
    Nice, will choose to stay
  • deminf
    Really good environment, the window is the May Fourth square, the rooms are very clean, service at the front desk was very helpful, have also been upgraded, are satisfied, also has a pool and gym, all hotels!
  • Yamato Li Wei
    It's OK
  • masonl
    Good, good location
  • afengge
    Great location, sea views. room facilities very good, and Super purified drinking water. high floor, great view. Hotel sound very good, beds comfortable.
  • nstarrl
    From May Fourth square and is close to the Olympic Sailing Center, next to the Carrefour and Vientiane City, shopping is convenient to eat, to wash clothes in the House, family travel is convenient, breakfast is relatively affordable, and cannot be compared with the five-star hotel, but breakfast is also very good.
  • cajames
    Hotel in good location, opposite the Carrefour, the edge is sunshine department store. as hotel apartments, price is a little high. said some issues, reception decoration simple, no grades; the room linen quality, has a single bath towel edges, is still in use; the hotel entrance are not clear, friend find his way for a long time.
  • acyfloel
    Hotel facilities excellent, perfect location, good accommodation, hotel family room is designed an asset
  • Angusi
    Nice, very good, you can see a sea mist is too big could not see clearly, waste of such a good view of the sea, but the environment is very good
  • cgw2010
    Hotel facilities good, staff is to force?
  • crystalliyu
    Bang Bang da, service was good, very good, for there to be
  • ssssff
    Hotel is very good, room large, hotel swimming pools for children, you can see the sea ' is near from the Carrefour, shopping is very convenient
  • angel_ana
    Environment is very good, from the Olympic sports, shopping, food are very close
  • gdsfiud
    Hotel location is good, in downtown, go to May Fourth square probably 10 minutes, from Qingdao railway station taxi came didn't traffic probably 40 Yuan around. hotel front desk is kind will active asked whether need help took luggage. staying room Hou feel is warm, room is big, is clean, vision is good, belongs to hotel type apartments, bath water very of rushed, very satisfaction. only regrets of is only staying has 1 days, will recommended friends to this hotel of
  • jxg666
    The seaside health diet is not very convenient for your
  • colinwly11
    Pattern of the room a bit inconvenient, sometimes think in bed watching TV. Executive Seaview room are Dragon Boat Festival to spend heavily into the House edges edges and angles of looking uncomfortable.
    Great West room watching the sunset was beautiful, next time will stay
  • coolle
    Hotel is very good, that's easy, downstairs there is sunshine department store shopping to the Olympic Sailing Center, Belle square is only 1 km. attitude of the hotel staff is very good, highly recommended!
  • bbbmmmwww
    Is good of hotel, hotel location is good, distance Austrian sails Center, May Fourth square are compared near, near also has Carrefour, full remember dessert, Star BA grams, traffic also is convenient, next is civil aviation building, to airport 701 direct, save has many time. distribution to of room is half seaview, room within kitchen supplies equipped with complete, fume machine, electromagnetic furnace, refrigerator, microwave, ranging.
  • yuyinglujun2002
    ? ? ?, ? ?,? ? ? ? 5? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • benten7
    Very good, comfortable and convenient
  • jodiexy
    ? ?(?,? ? ?) ? ? ?. ? ? ? ?.