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Grand Madison Qingdao Harbour-view Central (Former Qingdao Farglory Hotel), 青島市市南CBDに位置しています。香港中路のランドマーク建築-遠雄国際広場に位置しています。地下鉄M 3号線、M 2号線、五四広場、浮山駅に隣接しています。歩いて5分ぐらいで五四広場、奥帆センター、万象城、市政府、佳世客、海信広場に着けます。
ホテルのフィットネスジム、プールは24階に座っています。108メートルの上空から海派の美しい景色が目の前に広がります。ホテルはお客様のために専用の駐車場を備えています。ホテルB 3階にあります。ホテルは中洋折衷のセルフサービスの朝食を提供しています。朝は味蕾の上の楽しみをもたらしてくれます。昼と夕食の精巧なビジネスコースで、一日の疲れを解消します。
  • Liuting International Airportからホテルまでの距離はどのくらいですか?

    Grand Madison Qingdao Harbour-view Central (Former Qingdao Farglory Hotel) 空港へ21.3km。

  • Grand Madison Qingdao Harbour-view Central (Former Qingdao Farglory Hotel)に空港シャトルバスのサービスはありますか?


  • Grand Madison Qingdao Harbour-view Central (Former Qingdao Farglory Hotel)のチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:15:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • Grand Madison Qingdao Harbour-view Central (Former Qingdao Farglory Hotel)にプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • Grand Madison Qingdao Harbour-view Central (Former Qingdao Farglory Hotel) の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • Grand Madison Qingdao Harbour-view Central (Former Qingdao Farglory Hotel)にはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • Grand Madison Qingdao Harbour-view Central (Former Qingdao Farglory Hotel)は前払いを受け入れますか?


  • Grand Madison Qingdao Harbour-view Central (Former Qingdao Farglory Hotel)はレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • Grand Madison Qingdao Harbour-view Central (Former Qingdao Farglory Hotel)朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY58/人。

  • Grand Madison Qingdao Harbour-view Central (Former Qingdao Farglory Hotel)の宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • litongtong
    Nice staff! The hotel restaurant is not open at night, and there is nothing to eat around the hotel at night. Breakfast dishes every day 90% unchanged, eat good greasy
  • yefengyouling
    It's not bad. It's close to the city center. The sea view room has good scenery
  • longgui2010
    Very good
  • Carolyne
    The location of the hotel is very good, the service is very good, the hotel apartment type, the toilet facilities are also very good, but the bedside lamp facilities are relatively lacking, the wooden floor is not carpet, there is no laundry bag
  • ssun79
    The toilet drainage is almost a problem. The others are great. They are quiet and clean in time
  • BoBoOng
    Facing the sea, the room is a must for lovers to travel
  • flwfiona
    It's a nice hotel. The room is big and comfortable
  • yangli2trees
  • crystalliyu
    Great, the service was also very good, the attitude was very good, and I will come again in the future
  • abcdgp
    Downtown, very convenient. It's close to the sea
    You have to wait for a table for dinner in the rush hour. Everything else is good
  • MR Jun
    The cost performance is very high, the transportation is very convenient, the airport bus is next to the station, the room is very clean, the facilities are also very good, the fitness facilities of the club are also very good, there is also a big room to play table tennis! It is highly recommended that you will live here in the future
  • dabao1226
    Very comfortable. The hotel is very clean. I will choose this one next time I come to Qingdao
  • Alsatair
    The second time I checked in, I still like it very much. The environment and transportation are very good, and there is a place for fitness and swimming
  • love David
    I feel a little cheated by photos. The room is not very broad. The wooden floor is a little dirty, and the toilet is very small. Anyway, it feels general. It is very close to the Olympic Sailing Center of May 4th Square. The sea and May 4th Square can be seen in the room, and the location is still OK
  • Meimei5201
    The hotel has convenient transportation, parking, shopping and eating. The scenery is good. It is a good choice.
  • e02888315
    Convenient transportation and complete hotel facilities.
  • imindy
    The location is very good, but I don't think the content of breakfast is rich enough~
  • evamile814
    The hotel conditions are very good. It's very close to the square, but it's not very convenient to eat around
  • e00922958
    The location is very good. It's very close to Wuyi Square. Next to it is Carrefour. It has a large window on the floor and a wide view. If there are few people in the swimming pool, it's great to swim. The front desk staff are very friendly. I will live in yuanxiong when I come to Qingdao.
  • fifi Miss
    I stay at his house every time I go to Qingdao
  • angel_ana
    The environment and transportation are very good. It is very close to Olympic sports, business district and delicious food
  • bruno1397
    The room is spacious and clean. It is a good choice for business travel and personal travel
  • e03148105
    It's a very nice hotel. It's still it next time
  • BOBO12X
    very nice. It's worth going.
  • Sonnenblumen
    Good, easy to travel
  • bigben909
    not bad
  • colindong
    With spacious and comfortable rooms and large bath and shower water, it is worthy of being a new hotel, which is much better than several old hotels in Qingdao. Breakfast was also good, especially the view of the restaurant was very good.
  • jenny_sj
    The layout of the room is not very good. There is no mirror outside, and there is no makeup mirror in the bathroom. There are many cabinets in the bedroom, no writing desk, and only a very short small round table.
  • jx_1386
    Not bad. Good location
  • lonpin
    Baby and husband like the feeling of entering the house
  • young021
    Yes, I like it very much
  • boc666
    The hygiene is good, the price is a little high ~ the location is also good
  • adsfsd
    Come to live for the second time~
  • e01730940
    Convenient transportation, very close to the May 4th Square, relatively new facilities and lots of delicious food around. It's the best choice to visit Qingdao. I'm very satisfied
  • optex
    The hotel is located in the center, the luxury building beside the May 4th Square, and the facilities in the room are also very good. The price of 700 + is very cost-effective. I regret that another villa was ordered a few days ago. The price is 1300 + but the comfort and cost performance are far worse than this one. The only thing I'm not satisfied with is the general reception attitude, which may be the reason for online orders. We also arranged the top room for us. The breakfast in the hotel restaurant is very rich, but it is relatively small. You need to wait in line during the peak period.
  • erene
    I booked it for the nth time. The foreigner was very satisfied
  • wangsweety
    The hotel has a good location, convenient travel, large room area and very good service attitude. We have a baby who wants to take a nap and take the initiative to help us with delayed check-out. The swimming pool is very happy with few people. The only fly in the ointment is that breakfast lacks hot food such as on-site fried eggs and noodles.
  • e03267999
    The relatively new hotel feels good overall. The only deficiency is that there is no bathtub, and it is difficult to book a double bed room!
  • aivey
    Not bad. The cost performance is OK. I'll come again.
  • e03863170
    The hotel is very good, but I didn't find the main entrance at the beginning. I found a lot of breakfast styles after a circle. It's very good. I'll stay here next time
  • tanyadeng
    Very good hotel, very satisfied with all my friends! The geographical location is very good. It's very convenient to eat. I just didn't find the big stall. In fact, it's very close. I'm also very satisfied with my breakfast. Go here next time!
  • E01020964
    The geographical location is very good, especially suitable for shooting night scenery. The environment is average.
  • laoteng1
    The location of the hotel is good. It is recommended to stay
  • e01659277
    I stayed for 2 nights. On the first day, I lived on the 35th floor. There was a great smell of furniture. It was OK to sleep with ventilation. The next day, I lived on the 33rd floor. There was no taste. I was very satisfied.
  • yangxd
    The room is very big, but I feel the design is unreasonable. The TV needs to tilt your head to watch. The wardrobe is facing the head of the bed. The kitchen is good. The refrigerator is very big. There are refrigerators and freezers. There are two electromagnetic ovens
  • pconline
    The sea view room is very tall. It is located in the downtown area. There are scenic spots when you go out. The swimming pool is very good
  • ntsimonlee
    All very good ~ the front desk waitress's attitude is not very good ~ I hope it can be improved
  • m00080017
    It's a good room and a good location. It's convenient to go anywhere!
  • baby124741131
    Average service
    The hotel room smells of formaldehyde. It's a new reason
  • Cindy.S
    Every aspect was very good
  • jimyang2004
  • doveen
    The location of the hotel is very good, the scenery is good, and the sea view can be seen on the high floor, but the quilt is not very comfortable, the air conditioning sound is too loud, others are good, the breakfast variety is not rich, but the taste is OK